Frequently Asked Questions


How are the menus created?

Our menus are created to work along with your body and provide nourishing, delicious meals that will keep you energized and satisfied all day long. We write new menus weekly so you won’t get tired of the same food every week. We use local ingredients, whole foods and grains and organic produce whenever possible. We never use refined sugar or trans fats. All of our meals, dressings, sauces, elixirs, baked goods, crackers, etc are made in house. We never outsource.  Our menus revolve around what local ingredients are in season. Flavor, creativity, nutritional value and portion size are all contributing factors to how our menus are put together. We pull inspiration from cuisines all over the world.


Do you include nutritional information (calories, etc.)

While we create our menus with health in mind, we don't believe in counting calories. Our philosophy is based in nutrient dense, energizing foods that will work with your body. If you're on a specific diet, we encourage you to reach out to us before purchasing meals. We try our best to work directly with clients and their unique needs. 


Why does a week plan only include 3 days of food?

We created MKT to make your life easier and healthier. We believe that with 3 full days of food you can maintain healthy eating and keep your social calendar. Five day meal plans can be restricting and wasteful. New Yorkers are busy people and we don’t think you should sacrifice that dinner party or work lunch you had scheduled just because you paid for food in advance. We also don’t want to see excess food going to waste.


Will you ever have a 5 day plan?

Yes. Despite all of the reasons we think a three day plan works so well, we know there are times when you need more structure in your life.  Sign up for our newsletter for updates!


How do I order?

You can order our meal plans directly on our website. First select the amount of weeks you’d like to order (right now we offer 1 or 2 week programs), and whether you’d like delivery or pick up (pick up is available at our Cafe located at 521 Court Street, Brooklyn).  If you’re ordering for more than one person in a given week, each additional person is added at a discounted price as long as you share an address. All orders placed before midnight on Saturday will be processed for the upcoming week’s delivery date. If you place an order after midnight on Saturday it will be processed for the following delivery date. (i.e. If you order on Friday, you will receive your bag on Tuesday. If you order on Sunday, you will receive your bag the following Tuesday)


What’s in the bag?

Each bag contains 3 days of food. Each day consists of breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner and dessert. Each bag will contain 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 snacks, 3 dinners and 3 desserts.


How many people does a meal plan feed?

Each week our meal plan is designed to feed one person for three days.


Do I have to do any cooking?

Nope! Our meals are fully cooked and ready to eat. If you see a lighting bolt on the label, we suggest you heat that meal, but all of our meals can be eaten and enjoyed at room temp.


How long will the food last?

All of our food is made fresh each week in our shop with no preservatives or additives. We have structured our menu to be eaten in the order that the food will remain freshest. We suggest you eat any seafood within three days of arrival. The rest of the food should stay fresh for five days when refrigerated properly, however we suggest you eat your meals by Friday to ensure optimum taste.


Will I lose weight?

If weight-loss is your goal, we encourage you to reach out to us and discuss your goals with us before purchasing meals.While MKT isn’t a “diet,” many of our clients have reported that they were able to lose weight or maintain a desired weight while eating MKT. These clients were not supplementing their days with extra food and were including exercise in their daily routine. If weight loss is your goal we suggest sticking with MKT for at least a month, as it takes your body time to adjust to different eating habits. You’ll find that at first, even if you’re not losing weight, you will feel lighter and more energized.


Where do you deliver?

Right now we deliver to Manhattan and most areas Brooklyn. 


When will my food be delivered?

We deliver all meals on Tuesday mornings between 7am-10am.


Can I choose a specific time for my delivery?

While we can’t deliver each order at a specific time, we do try our best to accommodate delivery requests (earlier in the delivery window vs. later).


How long can my bag sit out once it’s delivered?

While our bags do lock in cold temperatures, we suggest you get your meals into a refrigerator within 2 hours of delivery.


Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Someone must be available to receive your delivery. Whether that’s yourself, a doorman, roommate, husband, housekeeper or co-worker, it doesn’t matter to us. We will not leave bags outside of buildings. If no one is available to receive your bag when it arrives it will return to our kitchen and you will be charged an additional fee to re-deliver it to you.


Will the delivery be brought up to my apartment or office?

Our delivery drivers are usually alone so coming up to your office or apartment is usually not possible due to lack of parking in NYC. If you live in a building with a doorman, they can receive your package. If you live in a walk up you can buzz the driver in and they can leave your bag inside the door. If you are getting your bag delivered to your office we request that you provide us with a contact number and meet our delivery person in the lobby of your building.


Can you adjust menus for allergies/dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate all allergies aside from nut allergies.

We adjust our menus for the following dietary restrictions: vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, pescetarian, dairy free. This might result in an entire meal substitution, not purely an ingredient substitution. While many of our dishes are already gluten free and vegan we are not a gluten free or vegan kitchen.


I don’t like one of the menu items, can I replace the item with something else?

We ask that you give our menu a chance. We’re a small company and as much as we wish we could create menus specifically for each of our clients, at the moment we can’t.

I purchased a plan, but I want to delay my meal activation.

All orders are immediately processed for the upcoming week unless you request an activation delay in the notes section of your order. If you forget to mention the delay request in the notes, please email us at


If I order a 2 week plan can I choose the weeks I receive food?

You can choose to delay your start date. If you’d like to delay, please include this information in a the notes section of your order. Two week plans must be used consecutively.


Do you offer gift certificates?

MKT Meals make wonderful gifts. If you’re purchasing a plan as a gift, please write that in the notes section. We will then send you a gift code for 100% discount for the gift receiver to activate whenever they like.


Can I cancel my order?

We get it, things happen. While we don't accept refunds after orders are placed, you can push your delivery date to when it best suits your schedule. 


I have a question about a meal or meal plan.

All questions can be emailed to We try to respond to emails as fast as possible. You can also call us at our Cafe (718) 624-5600.